Tuesday, 21 June 2016



Last week "Nordiska gudar" (Norse Gods) was sent off to the printers, after three years of hard work. 

The book will be out in stores in late July - you can preorder it here:

And, how better to celebrate this momentous occasion than with my take on Ragnarok - the last painting made for the book. Apparently I needed a looming deadline and my heavy metal playlist in Spotify to finish this sucker...

Speaking of heavy metal here´s Loki in his aspect of Lord of the Endtimes
This may arguably be the most "metal" painting I´ve ever done...


  1. Wow säger jag. Har förbeställt. :)

  2. Så fantastiskt! Jag har följt dig ända sedan jag såg dina illustrationer i Starshine Legacy/Star Stable/Star Academy när jag var tolv år, d.v.s. i ungefär 11 års tid. Jag äger Nordiska Väsen som ett kärt alster i bokhyllan och ser fram emot att lägga ytterligare ett verk från dig i min samling.

    Allt gott!

  3. Fantastisk bok. Vi fick hem den idag och har redan hunnit ut med en recension. :)

  4. Just saw it today in a library in Luleå and bought it right away. Congratulations Johan. Amazing illustrations. I've been showin pictures to a friend who is also interested in norse myths and she could answer right away what was the picture portraying. She also said often "Just like I imagined!"

  5. Fantastisk! Er der planer om en dansk udgave?

  6. Hey! Will there be an englisch Version? Ans eher can I nix it?

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