Friday, 5 May 2017


The first copies of Vaesen - the english language edition of Nordiska Väsen - have just arrived!! Personally I think the anglosaxon version looks even better than than the original thanks to the shorter, larger title which really pops in all its gilded splendour.

Order it here:

The ISBN number is 9789132181948 if you want to search for it that way.

It's still a Swedish book so it's not available in the States yet but hopefully it'll find it's way to Amazon soon.


  1. Ordered! Really looking forward to it.

    1. A swedish friend of mine just recommended me your lovely book. How I can get it in Argentina? Hugs! Thank you!

  2. Got this for my birthday, amazing book! Can't wait for Nordiska Gudar in English too

  3. I just bought it at Gamla Uppsala museum. And I love it! They promised me thr Norse Gods will be translated around september so I am looking forward to it. Btw any possibility of translating it into another languages?

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  5. Hello! Just received my book. Do I pronounce the names and phrases using Swedish pronunciation? I ask because when I look up vaesen I get Danish as the language. So maybe I need to read the book and see which country to refer to? Thanks for your help!

  6. I flipped through the book in Stockholm and was tempted to buy it but hesitated because of luggage weight. I hope that I'll be able to buy in the US soon!

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