Tuesday 11 October 2016


I´m happy to inform you that the release of "Nordiska gudar" (Norse Gods) has been a huge success! We´ve sold a heck of a lot more copies in the three months it´s been out than I could ever have hoped for. As a matter of fact the book is already on it's second print run. So yeah... Drinks all around!

But, not one to rest on my laurels, I´m already working on my next project - "Alla tiders Dinosaurier" ( Roughly: "Dinosaurs of the ages". However, there´s a double meaning/word pun in the title I won´t even try to translate.)

The aim of the book is to present our favourite archosaurs to kids (the target group is children between 6-9 years) in a somewhat novel way -  a stylized cartoony approach. A style I launched in my children´s picture book about dinos from a few years ago. 

However, like all good caricatures the goal is to capture the essence of any particular species and try to be as accurate as possible when it comes to anatomy and features like feathers, coloration etc. I´m taking a lot of inspiration from modern paleoartists like John Conway who always tries to depict the animals as just that - animals, rather than perpetually roaring monsters. Some of them will still be roaring as visible teeth apparently sell more books, but at least  I´ll try to keep it to a minimum... 

The book will be about 60 pages long with one dino per spread. We´re aiming at roughly 30 animals, divided into three chapters based which Mesozoic time period they lived in, plus an introductory chapter about basic geology, deep time, the evolution of diapsids etc. The aim is to strike a good balance between newly discovered species like Yi Qi and all time classics like Stegosaurus.

Here´s a few of the images I´ve done so far. Enjoy!








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