Wednesday 19 April 2017


Hello boys and girls!

My dinosaur book "Alla tiders Dinosaurier" has been out for a while now and I'm rather happy to say that the reaction has been very positive. Not only has it received great reviews in the Swedish press and book blogosphere, but it also seems to have been embraced by the paleoart and paleontological community to a much larger degree than I had expected.
Which of course is very nice.

Here's some links to a couple of reviews (all in swedish I'm afraid):

Dagens Nyheter

Tidningen Kulturen

Borås Tidning mfl.

There's also an exhibition based on the book at the Stockholm House of Culture & City Theatre (Kulturhuset Stadsteatern). I helped curate it which was a lot fun, and they've even built a large scale model of a Camarasaurus based on my art. The exhibition will be  running at least until the end of May (and perhaps over the summer as well) so if you're in Stockholm swing by and have a look.

Camarasaurus (right) next to the author (left)

I'm now working on the sequel which will simply be called "Flygödlor och havsmonster" (Pterosaurs and Sea Monsters) which will deal with all those other funky mesozooic reptiles that weren't dinosaurs but were around at the same time.

Here's a few samples from that new tome. Enjoy!

Mosasaur vs Pteranodon