Wednesday, 27 September 2017


Tomorrow I´m leaving for this years Gothenburg Book Fair, and just in time for this huge event the first copies of my latest foray into the mesozoic world have arrived.

Allow me to present "Flygödlor och Havsmonster" - a book about all those cool animals that shared the Earth with the dinosaurs, but who actually weren´t dinosaurs themselves.
Pterosaurs! Mosasaurs! Plesiosaurs! Ichthyosaurs! And other saurs as well!!!

I´m really happy with how it turned out. A huge thanks goes out to Mark Witton and Benjamin Kear who helped me with the science bits and made sure the reconstructions came out as accurate and up to date as possible.

Also out is "Skisser från Nordiska gudar" - a colouring book with sketches from last years Nordiska gudar. A book that incidentally will get an english edition very soon. 
Stay tuned!

Apart from the book fair in Gothenburg I´ll also be attending this years TetZooCon in London the 21st of October. Go here for more information on this momentous event:


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  2. Hi Johan,

    Is there any way to purchase the paleo book? My father collects (and studies) paleontology as a past time. I have followed your illustrations for some time on facebook on the Paleoartists group and would love to be able to add this book to his collection.

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